The Filth | Season 1 Poster

The Filth

Series | Comedy

Best friends, Stella and Max desperately try (and fail) to navigate their complicated love lives. Stella - a bisexual plumber by day and go-go dancer by night - leans into her burgeoning romance with Jocelyn, a little person, while battling debilitating anxiety; meanwhile, Max juggles a stunted acting career and grapples with his unrequited love for his questionably straight roommate, Danny.

Release: 2019

Directed by: Jamie Holt

Produced by: David Aguilar, Adam Tyree

Executive Producers: Cara Fano, Greg Silverman, Harvey Guillén

Written by: Jake Delaney, Cara Fano, Paige Hoffman

Starring: Jake Delaney, Paige Hoffman, Katrina Kemp, Jay Lee, Lauren Holt, Nican Robinson, Alexandria McGaughey, Chris Boudreaux, Harvey Guillén

Camera: Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K

Lenses: Leica-R Primes



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